This is what I have done so far in my final project. I am trying to find sources to support how some social

This is what I have done so far in my final project. I am trying to find sources to support how some social

workers have a background of abuse and that is what makes them want to become a social worker to advocate. Also was hoping you could give me advice on how I am doing so far and proof read. Thanks you instructions are at the end and I just want help with what I have done so far. Not for you to do it for me. I got flagged.

As a final project, I have chosen the Human Service Center; a nonprofit agency that serves a diverse population. The mission of the Human service center (2019) is “to assist people in achieving self-sufficiency, independence and healthy lifestyles to the maximum extent possible” (para. 1). The agency offers mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling. Also, they offer community support, case management, family therapy, and SASS services. In addition, they have their own psychiatrist. They have two residential facilities for individuals with severe mental illness. Furthermore, they have a day program at their main office for those individuals to support independence; they can earn a paycheck through sheltered employment (Human Service Center, 2019).

Professional and Responsibilities

For my interview I have chosen Dionne Gerfon, LCSW. Mrs. Gerfon is a manager over crisis counselors and school counselors. I am a crisis worker for the Human Service Center and Mrs. Gerfon is boss. As a crisis manger her activities are but not limited to reviewing crisis packets, entering billing, entering ccybs packets into cornerstone website, and sass reports for the state. Medicaid billing requires tracking for 7 day follow ups and 30-day follow-ups. Also, she attends monthly and weekly meetings, supervision, and reports on hospital stays. Indeed, for clients at the school, Medicaid billing is done per minute for what they are working on and she is required to see a certain number of clients per month. In addition, she must update mental health treatment plans and IEP’s every six months. Furthermore, she reaches out to parents, teachers, vice principals, principals to ensure clients are making progress to reach their goals. She works as a team with other individuals to create IEP goals and tracks progress. Mrs. Gerfon also refers clients to other services such as: community support program, family therapy, individual case management, whereas they are all offered through the Human Service Center. It is also her responsibility to make sure that children that have went through crisis are received treatment.

Her past led her to social work. She felt like she would be able to help because she has been through it all. Some examples she gave were her parents were divorced and she was adopted. Also, she wanted to help others.

Advancement was easy for her, but she feels like she is stuck because she is already manager of two programs. Furthermore, overall, she is satisfied with her career. Mrs. Gerfon was a stay at home mom for 20 years before she decided to go to school, whereas she wanted to get her children raised before she started her career. For immediate self-care, she gets up from the computer and walks up and down the hallways. Also, she spends time with her family, goes on vacations, and gets her nails done (D. Gerfon, personal communication, July 7, 2019).

After interviewing Mrs. Gerfon, I felt overwhelmed because of all the responsibilities she has. The Human Service Center is a great place to work but because it is state funded; the employees are underpaid. As she was naming all her responsibilities it was in my head; you deserve more. As we all know, it isn’t how much you make but getting up every morning and enjoying going to work. I went to the main office for our interview and that is where the day program is, which serves the developmentally delayed population. Being around the DD population did not bother me because I work in an intermediate care facility. I thought social work sounded better until she named off all that goes with it. The hardest part for me is paperwork, as it has been something I have never enjoyed.

Describe the agency. Including:

Services offered

Mission of the agency

Clientele or population served

Describe the social worker’s job activities and professional roles

Explain what brought the social worker to the field and their work history

Explain opportunities for advancement and what the social worker does for professional development

Describe the social worker’s overall job satisfaction and strategies they use for self-care

Analyze your experience. Specifically,

Discuss your thoughts and feelings related to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Reflect on why you may have experienced these reactions to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Explain which social work values and ethics were evident (or not evident) during the interview.

Explain how social and economic justice relates to the services provided or population served by this agency.

Explain how cultural competence was demonstrated (or not demonstrated) within the agency or by the social worker.