It is common knowledge that China developed the use of black powder explosives long before WWI and WWII. Black powder and more advanced explosives were used as weapons of mass destruction (WMD) throughout WWI and WWII. Discuss the development and use of specific WMD (black powder and advanced explosives) during these World Wars.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Throughout history, countries involved in world and civil wars have been known to resort to the use of various forms of WMD. As a result, casualties from those wars (civilian and military) remain plagued with mental and physical injuries long after the wars ended, especially the effects of chemical and biological WMD. The United Nations and other organizations have joined together in an effort to develop international laws and regulations for the purpose of controlling production, distribution, use of, and access to WMD.Discuss how international law has controlled the production, distribution, use of, and access to WMD.