Social Stratification PaperFor the Week 3 assignment, you will research and write essay on

Social Stratification Paper

For the Week 3 assignment, you will research and write essay on

stratification. The page count requirement is in place to indicate how much elaboration is expected in your responses to the prompts below. Therefore, please elaborate in your responses and support your points with material learned in Week 3.

In a formal research essay, please remember to format your paper per APA standards. This includes the organization of your paper (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) and the citing of your sources. Please ensure that your paper is free of spelling, grammar and usage errors.

In your paper please address the following:

Is stratification universal? Provide at least two examples to support your opinion.

How do the primary sociological paradigms (Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism) interpret the concept of stratification?

In your opinion, do you think social stratification is necessary and/or inevitable in societies? Why/why not? Be sure to support your opinion.

1 Running head: SOCIAL STRATIFICATION Social StratificationInstitution AffiliationNameDate 2 SOCIAL STRATIFICATIONSocial StratificationIntroductionStratification is referred as a way in which…