Running Head: ARCHITECTURE 1 Architecture Name Tutor Course ARCHITECTURE 2 Question 1: Identify the top level business processes required for the…

This assignment is already solved….Now expert is not available to do Revision as per professor comments.

In this assignment only first 3 questions need to be written in 1000 words. Here are below professor comments accordingly you have to amend the solution. In the attachment i have attached questions file and solution file. I need to submit it few hours

Here you go – please maintain the word limit while making amendments –

Please re-focus on the 3rd question as there are things to be answered so it should be elaborated.

Even in the end of assignment it is written please add source file and images of your proposed architecture. Assignment should be in PDF 

1) In first question, you did not include the third paragraph of question that describe vendor management system.

2). Again same problem, you made activity diagram on basis of web service extension but didn’t include vendor management system (purchasing process for all vendors)

3) 3rd question includes all services like task centric and entity centric but You copied third paragraph of question. see example of task centric and entity centric:

please do these modifications in the same file and convert in pdf.

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  • Attachment 2