Please listen to this concert and answer the following: Link of the concert: 1How

Please listen to this concert and answer the following:

Link of the concert:

1·How many pieces were performed? What were they called, and how many movements were in each? Who composed each piece?

2· What types of instruments were played and/or what types of voice parts were featured?

3· What was your general reaction to the concert? How did the performance sound to you?

4· Was the music performed well?

5O Were the musicians rhythmically “together”?

6O Were they playing/singing in tune?

7O Did any instruments or voices stick out?

😯 How would you rate the musicians’ technical ability and the energy of their performance?

9O Did they seem well prepared for the concert?

10· Which composition did you like best? Why? (For instance, what specifically did you like about the piece itself or the way it was performed?)

11· Which composition did you like least? Why?

12· Did any of the compositions trigger an emotional response from you? What were your specific feelings or thoughts in response to the music?

13· Is this type of concert experience new to you? If so, how do you think that might have influenced your perceptions of what you heard and observed?

14· What makes a performance an artistic event?

15Describe what you heard and observed using the following musical terms, elements, and concepts.

16O Genre (symphony, concerto, string quartet, etc.)

17O Stylistic period (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.)

18O Mood (emotion conveyed by the music and performers)

19O Pitch. To what extent does pitch vary throughout the piece? How do changes in pitch reflect changes in mood?

20O Rhythm (beat, accent, tempo, meter, syncopation) How were the elements of rhythm used to create special or interesting musical effects?

21O Dynamics (level of sound) Identify changes in dynamics and discuss the effects these changes create.

22O Tone color (bright, brassy, warm, ringing, hollow, etc.)

23O Mode

24O Harmony/melody

25Discuss the balance (or lack of it) between the melody and its  “accompaniment.” Did you hear consonance, dissonance, or a combination of both?

26O Motives/themes. Identify and note where individual motives and themes are first introduced and subsequently reappear in each piece.

27O Texture (monophony, homophony, polyphony, etc.)

28O Form (sonata form, ABA, theme and variations, etc.)

29· Using the musical terminology and concepts covered in class, discuss the most interesting musical elements or features of the pieces that were performed.

30· Compare the pieces from this performance with other compositions you have studied in class, noting similarities and differences. (Note: In selecting a composition from class, you may want to look for a piece by the same composer, from the same style period, or of the same genre as the piece or pieces from the performance.)

31· How does this concert compare to other performances you attended previously?

32· Describe the behavior of the performers and the audience. What, if any, interaction occurred between the two? What kinds of behavioral expectations do performers and audiences bring to the concert? How are these expectations satisfied or frustrated