Personality Assignment Take an informal personality test

Personality Assignment

Take an informal personality test

here: (Note that this test is not the official Myers-Briggs Personality assessment.) After you have completed this personality test, read about what your scores mean in terms of your personality. Following completion of this online personality test, complete the following.  

Part 2 – I have to write a 4 page paper that addresses and integrates each of the following components.

1.    What was your personality type, according to this online test? What does it mean?

2.    Describe your experience taking this personality measure and your thoughts about personality testing based on your experience.

3.    Using your textbook, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of personality test?  Did your experience reflect any of these advantages/disadvantages?

4.    Do you think being aware of someone’s personality could be helpful in predicting their behaviors (e.g. workplace behaviors, behaviors in social settings, relationships, etc.)?  And if so, how could we use personality measures in these settings? 

5.    How does the concept of personality as you have learned and experienced this week fit within a biblical worldview? 

I am severely struggling with how to start this paper! Please help!

I took the personality test, I’m struggling with how to word the introductory paragraph.