Organization and Management for Healthcare


Your boss is the Director of Medical Records at a large academic medical center. He is finding it difficult to monitor the ongoing legislative and policy changes related to Health Information Management. He has asked that you do the following:

1) Visit the AHIMA website (www.ahima,org) and visit the “Advocacy and Public Policy” tab.

2) From there, visit both the “Legislation” and “News and Alerts” menu options.

3) Prepare a one-to-two page report highlighting the two most important items your boss should be aware of.

4) Recommend a course of action for each.

Professor’s note:

For this assignment you are asked to prepare a 1-2 page report for your boss. In the instructions you are directed to AHIMA website and visit the section on patient adovacy. Below I have provided a direct link to that page.

All you need to do is choose two items that you believe are important on this page. The instructions direct you to use the News and Alerts section, but you can use any information in the Adovacy and Policy page.

No plagiarism! Provide references for all sources used and cite in text where used!