MCQ:-1.Which of the following is an example of a crime?-Ryan


1.Which of the following is an example of a crime?


drives 15 MPH over the speed limit on a busy highway.

-Lily, a 65-year-old, engages in commercialized gambling in the state of Nevada.

-Janet, an 18-year-old, runs away from home after a fight with her parents.

-Jim is frisked and released by police, as he was acting suspiciously.

2.What differentiates deviant behavior from delinquent behavior?

-The potential punishment for the action

-The social standing of the perpetrator

-The legality of the action

-The age of the perpetrator.

3.Which behaviors is considered delinquent in all states?

-A 25-year-old smoking marijuana

-A 13-year-old running away from home

-A 19-year-old gambling

-An 18-year-old hiring a prostitute.

4.Which of the following is true of the consensus perspective on criminalizing certain behaviors?

-It favors social debate before behaviors are criminalized by legal bodies and permits appellate court action by those who disagree.

-It is most applicable to homogeneous societies, or those characterized by shared values, norms, and belief systems.

-It involves complex discussions with participants from all groups of society before criminalization through a political process.

-It is the most common perspective in multicultural societies and recognizes the importance of diversity.