Life and Works Research Project (Week 8)Research Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life and work using the Internet, the University library, or other sources.Create presentation of at least 20 slides that ana

Life and Works Research Project (Week 8)

Research Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life and work using the Internet, the University library, or other sources.

Create presentation of at least 20 slides that analyzes the life and art of your selected artist or architect.

Note: You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or another format. If you choose to upload your presentation, remember that the maximum file size is 100MB. It is strongly encouraged that you host your presentation online and provide a direct link. 

Consider addressing the following questions:

  • Why did you select this artist or architect?
  • What were his or her influences? For example, you may wish to consider life events, political or historical events, artistic training, and even psychological factors. How did these influence his or her work?
  • What were his or her most notable or important works? Why were they influential? Are they still relevant? What was his or her motivation in creating them?
  • How successful was he or she financially and in terms of critical recognition? What might account for this success (or lack thereof)?

Include a title slide and a References slide in your presentation.

Format citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.

Create your own original work of art in the style of, or inspired by, your chosen artist or architect. You may use any medium you choose as long as you are able to provide an image or video of your creation and upload it.  Note:  Your original work must have an association with the artist or architect you selected for this assignment.  Your original art does not require a massive effort.  If you selected an artist, a very simple sketch in the style of the artist is all that is required.  If you selected an architect, a sketch of a detail of one of the architect’s buildings would be sufficient.  As an alternative, a model can be constructed of a detail of the building using very simple materials such as cardboard. 

Explain your own motivation behind your work of art and how it relates to your selected artist.