I would need a 4 page essay due by tomorrow.

(1) a compelling introduction (usually a paragraph); (2) a brief description of the book’s subject, location, time frame, and research methodology (another long paragraph); (3) a concise summary of the book’s major themes, theoretical arguments, and key findings; rather than a simple listing of “facts” or ethnographic details presented in the book, this is the heart of the book review and should require 2-3 pages, organized around the book’s major ideas and key themes; (4) a summary of the book’s strengths (1/2-1 page); (5) a critical evaluation of the book’s weaknesses, for example, in methodology, ethnographic richness, flawed development of arguments, etc. (1/2-1 page); and (6) potential audiences for and uses of the book (final paragraph).  Please edit your reviews to make sure that it is well-written and logically constructed. 

It is on the book called Paul Farmers Aids&Accusations

No plagerism ! I will check.