I want to done my essay on Australian foreign Aid. there is 2 question in essay, you have to answer one question

Australia’s ForeignRelationsSemester I, 2016 SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT ANDINTERNATIONALRELATIONS AUSTRALIA’S FOREIGN RELATIONS3012GIR ESSAY ASSIGNMENTS AND READINGS Convenor (Nathan):Prof Russell TroodMoloneyPhone:3735 . Convenor (Gold Coast) Dr CathyEmail: 2Email: .au ESSAY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Write your essay on one of the topics mentioned here in the CourseGuide.You can choose any topic, except that you can’t do an essay on the topicon which your group is presenting.The essay should be no longer than 2000 words excluding referencesand the bibliography.The essay is to be handed in a week after the topic was covered in class.You should submit your essay on line through SafeAssign link underthe assessment link on blackboard, no hard copies are required.The Readings listed under each topic are not exhaustive of the materialwhich is available. You are encouraged to do additional research incompleting the assignment.You are encouraged to discuss your essay with one of the CourseConvenors before submission. ________________________________________________________________________________ Week 10: May 2016 Australia’s international Aid and the Pacific Assignment topics : In approximately 1750 words, answer ONEofthe following:Critically assess the extent to which Australia’s nationalinterests are served by a policy of increasing international aidwith the aim of achieving the target of 0.5 percent of GNI..Australia’s international aid policy has becomedangerously unbalanced in recent years: too much of its focushas been concentrated on the Pacific at the expense of otherregions of the world. This is not in the national interest. READINGS AND REFERENCES 3 Herr, Richard, Bergin, Anthony, Our Near Abroad, Australia and Pacific Islands Regionalism,Strategy Paper, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, November 2011, Chs. 1 and 5.https://www.aspi.org.au/publications/our­near­abroad­australia­and­pacific­islands­regionalism/Our_near_abroad.pdfHayward­Jones, Jenny, Policy Overboard: Australia’s Increasingly Costly Fiji Drift, Policy Brief,Lowy Institute, May 2011Commonwealth of Australia, Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness, April 2011, ExecutiveSummary at http://www.aidreview.gov.au/report/index.htmlCommonwealth of Australia, An Effective Aid Program for Australia Making a real difference—Delivering real results, Executive summary and be familiar with the contents of Chs. 5,6 and 7at http://www.ausaid.gov.au/publications/aidreview­response/effective­aid­program­for­australia.pdfIndependent Task Force, A better fit, National Security and Australia’s aid program, SpecialReport, ASPI, March 2011Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee, Inquiry into the majoreconomic and security challenges facing Papua New Guinea and the island states of the southwestPacific, 2 Volumes, May 2009 and August 2009.Mc Arthur, John, ‘The Future of Foreign Aid, Lowy Lecture Series, Lowy Institute, November2011, download pod cast from website, http://www.lowyinstitute.org/Publication.asp?pid=1745Riddell Roger C., Does foreign aid really work? Oxford University Press, 2007Firth Stewart, ‘Australia, The Pacific Islands and Timor Leste’ in Cotton and Ravenhill,Middle Power Dreaming, eds. Ch. 9Desai, Raj M. and Homi Kharas, ‘California Consensus: can private aid end global poverty?’Survival, Vol. 50:4 September 2008.Oxfam International The right to survive: the humanitarian challenge for the twenty­first century.April 2009: http://www.oxfam.org/sites/www.oxfam.org/files/right­to­survive­report.pdf.Wesley, Michael, et.al. The future state of the world: what it means for Australia’s foreign aidprogram, Lowy Institute, 2011O’Keeffe, Annmaree, ‘Aid program is healthy but in need of a plan,’ The Australian, 20 September2010, p. 10 4 5