How do I go about solving this?

How do I go about solving this? Any help would be appreciated.

For each of these functions, you should make and return the element (don’t append it directly to the body within the creating function).

Create functions to generate each of the following UI elements:


• H1, H2, H3 • DIV




Then I also want you to make a complex UI element. I want you to make a labelledTextField function. In it, you will make a label + text input + button, just like a search bar might have “Search: [ ] (Search)”.

You function should take text for the label, text for the button, and return a custom object with each of the 3 fields:

return {

label: /* label element goes here */ , input: /* input element goes here */ , button: /* button element goes here */


Test out all of these functions in your week7b.js code. You may need to make a new html file to test these functions in.

Once complete, upload the files used for this task into your Moodle Learning Portfolio.