Unit III Case Study Impact of TIC/TIM Many forms of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) have been used during combat operations in wars throughout the world. One of the more memorable uses of a TIC is the use of Agent Orange (a defoliant including dioxin as well as numerous other chemicals) during the Vietnam War with an impact that spans across the past 50 years. The U.S. government and manufacturers of the deadly chemical allegedly sprayed and otherwise dispersed from planes and helicopters indiscriminately for the express purpose of destroying the jungle vegetation that served as a perfect camouflage for the North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops opposing the U.S. military. Mosbergen, in her 2013 article “Agent Orange Victims Captured in Heartbreaking Portrait Series Decades After Vietnam War” from The Huffington Post, suggests that one could easily reason that any chemical that could completely defoliate a 40-foot-tall and extremely thick jungle canopy could equally destroy any other lifeform as well. The Veterans Administration, the federal government, and manufacturers have continued to deny responsibility for the health issues left in the wake of this deadly chemical with the Vietnamese people and Vietnam combat veterans still suffering today. Please research Agent Orange, and determine if the chemical has been responsible for the death and health issues of millions of people during and since the Vietnam War. Was the chemical indiscriminately dispersed, knowing that immediate and long-term effects would impact any human and animal life coming in contact with the chemical? What effort has the United States government provided to compensate and care for those whose lives have been destroyed by this chemical? Are such chemicals still used in military operations? What should be done for the millions of families across the globe who suffer from the debilitating effects of this chemical? Please rely on the Waldorf Online Library for access to articles concerning this issue. If the appropriate source is not available through Waldorf, please refer to another reliable source; please remember that Wikipedia.org and other similar sources are not accepted by Waldorf. Write a minimum three-page, double-spaced paper summarizing the effects of the use of Agent Orange, not only on the victims, but also on the families and in communities where each victim lives. In addition to the topics above, your paper should also discuss the following:  signs and symptoms,  incubation time,  mode of exposure (e.g., injection, inhalation, cutaneous),  prevention,  treatment,  locality impacts (e.g., weather, location, population),  sociological impacts, and  counteraction strategies. HLS 3500, Weapons of Mass Destruction 5 Your paper must fully comply with APA requirements, which means that the paper must include a title page, running head, headings, in-text citations for all direct quotes and paraphrased information, and a reference page. The title and reference pages do not count toward the total page requirement. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.