Hi,please help in the follwing this all should be in the poster:*Poster Completion o Introduction 300 words · This is the essay (please see the attached file)o Methodology & Method 200 words · Why


please help in the follwing this all should be in the poster:

*Poster Completion 

o Introduction  300 words 

· This is the essay (please see the attached file)

o Methodology & Method 

 200 words 

· Why did you chose a Quantitative methodology? 

· What was your method/instrument/tool (survey)? 

o Include your Survey Questions 

i have the first Qs. is:

Consent to take part in my research: 

I am doing research on _________________, and this survey is part of that research. 

All your answers will treated confidentially and no one will see them except me, you do not have to provide your name so all answers will be anonymous so cannot be linked to you. 

By answering YES to the below question you are giving your consent for me to use your answers in my data analysis. 

Thank you 

1. Do you agree to taking part in the research survey? 

a. YES 

b. No

the other 9 Qs. should be:

3 yes or No

3 multi-choise

3 range Qs (12345)

o Results 

9 x Graph/Bar Chart/Chart 

· Eash question from your survey should be illustrated with a chart etc 

· One or two sentences describing the chart for each survey question 

o Findings & Discussion 

 200 words 

· What have you discovered through your research? 

· Have you answered you ‘big’ research question? 

o Conclusion & Recommendations 

100 – 200 words