Hi, I need a reflection paperyou should following this :This is a participant

Hi, I need a reflection paper

you should following this :

This is a participant

observation project on a cultural event, practice, or activity. The chosen event should be one that you are UNFAMILIAR with. The goal of the project is to observe a new culture, participate in a culturally significant activity, and reflect upon how this experience has changed your understanding of culture, cultural practices, and passing on of cultural traditions.

The chosen event must be one you are unfamiliar with. Think about it, when we know what to expect, how to behave, we do it automatically and culture becomes the water we “swim in.” By entering a new cultural space we are forced to become aware of our cultural biases and behaviors, in order to let them go, to respectfully participate in another culture’s practices.

Grading Rubric:

1. Address your cultural site proposal (1 point)

2. Field notes from participant observation (3 points)

3. Description and background of the culture and event, you should cite at least two sources about the historical or cultural significance (sources do not include wikipedia) (3 points)

4 Reflection about the event and tie it back to what we have learned in class, including at least two things we have covered during the semester. Be it a theory, a method, or study that helped you to reflect upon your experience. (3 points)

(I will attach some chapter’s subject that we have learned in class)

5. Grammar and format: paper should be at least 3 pages in length (double spaced 12 point font), field notes should be neatly written or typed out and included in the participant observation and is not counted towards the three pages. Any citations should be in APA format (1 point)

Running head: UNDERSTANDING CULTURAL PRACTICES Understanding cultural practicesNameInstitution 1 UNDERSTANDING CULTURAL PRACTICES 2 Understanding cultural practicesCultural practices are a set…