Healthcare Administration


The special interest group theory states that the political venue can be treated like any private market for goods and services so that amounts and types of legislation are determined by supply and demand for such legislation The successful politician stays in office by combining legislative programs of various special interest groups into an overall fiscal package to be advanced in the political arena. The government can promote efficiency and equity by providing public goods, levying taxes, correcting for externalities, imposing regulations, enforcing antitrust laws, operating public enterprises, and sponsoring redistribution programs. What criterion should be using to analyze the impact of healthcare reform on insurance coverage, health system and patient outcome and financing success or failure? (150 words)


Discuss the outcome model of quality.

Explain the concept of governmental regulation; delineate the impact it has on cost and quality of healthcare.

(150 words)


Recommend a health care reform policy alternative to positively impact insurance coverage and financing the delivery of healthcare in this country. (400 words)


Write a short (3-4 page) APA style term paper answering the following: (3-4 pages)

  • Define accreditation
  • Explain the difference between accreditation and licensure
  • Describe the history of accreditation in the United States
  • Outline the current and future challenges with accreditation


Please provide all references used and cite in text where used. Please make sure to number all parts. NO PLAGIARISM! Due Saturday April 15, 2017 at 10am.