Health administration and policy 3

After reading about the 3 big health programs from the various course sources, identify one important component of each and discuss how the government uses one of its tools (see course slide from weeks 2 & 3) to influence health or health costs through this specific component.  Is there any evidence in the readings to indicate if it is working?  If yes, briefly explain. If not, what would be useful evidence to gather? (Examples of components: individual mandate, pre-existing condition ban, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicaid Expansion, Medicaid long term care coverage). 

You answer should be 3 short paragraphs, one for the Affordable Care Act, one for Medicare, and one for Medicaid. 

Please focus more in describing how government tools have influence on the 3 programs 

all the materials needed can be found in the attachments 

3 small paragraphs