Grand Canyon LDR 600 – Select a book about leadership

Details:Due Date: Nov 23, 2016 23:59:59 Max Points: 200 Details:Select a book about leadership by a successful leader whom you believe has adoptedleadership as a vocation. It can be a book by a well-known individual in the discipline ofleadership or a leader in your own field, religion, sports game, or another area of personalinterest. Students are encouraged to select their book early in the course (at least beforethe end of Topic 2) to allow time for thoughtful reading and planning for this assignment.In an analysis of 750-900 words, examine the theoretical framework, style, and leadershiptraits presented in the selected book. Discuss how this particular individual has adoptedleadership as a vocation. As a leader, which qualities of this person would you seek toemulate in order to inspire followership? Which shortcomings of this leadership approachwould you attempt to overcome? Be sure to cite examples from the book and integrate aminimum of four secondary sources on leadership theory to support your analysis.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, locatedin the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignmentto become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in theStudent Success Center. Rubric:Benchmark Assignment – Analysis of a Theoretical Framework for Leadership1Unsatisfactory0.00% 2Less thanSatisfactory74.00% 70.0 %ContentDoes not select Selection of a20.0 %a book about a book about aSelection ofleader as well asBook About a leader orprovide anexplanation ofLeader Whoexplanation as why that personChosechose leadershipLeadership as to why thatperson chose as a vocation isa Vocationleadership as a incomplete orvocation.insufficient.Evidence tojustifyconclusions isvague orirrelevant.Subjectknowledge isunclear or 3Satisfactory79.00% 4Good87.00% Presents anPresents aelementalselection of aselection of abook about abook about aleader as wellleader as well as as explanationexplanation ofof why thatwhy that person person chosechose leadership leadership as aas a vocation.vocation.Some subjectDetailedknowledge isexamples andevident.evidence areincluded.Subjectknowledge iscompetent. 5Excellent100.00%Presents athorough andfully-developedselection of a bookabout a leader aswell asexplanation of whythat person choseleadership as avocation. Offersdetailed evidencethat justifiesconclusions aboutthe selection andexplanation.Includes relevantexamples and inconsistent. 25.0 %TheoreticalFramework,Style, andLeadershipTraits presentin the Work2.1: Analyzetheories ofleadershipandmotivation inorder toinspirefollowership. Does notexamine thetheoreticalframework,style, andleadershiptraits thatpresent in theselected workas well as howthe individualhas adoptedleadership astheir vocation. Examination of Presents anthe theoretical elementalframework, style, examination ofand leadership the theoreticaltraits thatframework,present in thestyle, andselected work as leadership traitswell as how the that present inindividual hasthe selectedadoptedwork as well asleadership ashow thetheir vocation is individual hasincomplete oradoptedinsufficient.leadership asEvidence totheir vocation.justifySome subjectconclusions isknowledge isvague and/orevident.irrelevant.Subjectknowledge isunclear and/orinconsistent. 25.0 %Qualities andShortcomingsof theSelectedLeader Does notExplanation ofexplain thethe qualities ofqualities of the the selectedselected leader leader toto emulate or emulate and thetheshortcomings ofshortcomings the leadershipof theapproach toleadershipovercome isapproach toincomplete orovercome.insufficient.Evidence tojustifyconclusions isvague and/orirrelevant.Subjectknowledge isunclear and/orinconsistent. 20.0%Organization andEffectiveness7.0 % Thesis Paper lacks any Thesis and/ormain claim areDevelopment discernible Presents anelementalexplanation ofthe qualities ofthe selectedleader toemulate and theshortcomings ofthe leadershipapproach toovercome. Somesubjectknowledge isevident. Thesis and/ormain claim are applicable insight.Demonstratescomprehensivesubject knowledgeandunderstanding.Presents anPresents aexamination of thorough andthe theoretical fully-developedframework,examination of thestyle, andtheoreticalleadershipframework, style,traits thatand leadershippresent in the traits that presentselected work in the selectedas well as how work as well asthe individual how the individualhas adoptedhas adoptedleadership asleadership as theirtheir vocation. vocation. OffersDetaileddetailed evidenceexamples and that justifiesevidence areconclusions aboutincluded.the examination.SubjectIncludes relevantknowledge isexamples andcompetent.applicable insight.Demonstratescomprehensivesubject knowledgeandunderstanding.Presents anPresents aexplanation of thorough andthe qualities of fully-developedthe selectedexplanation of theleader toqualities of theemulate and the selected leader toshortcomings of emulate and thethe leadership shortcomings ofapproach tothe leadershipovercome.approach toDetailedovercome. Offersexamples and detailed evidenceevidence arethat justifiesincluded.conclusions aboutSubjectthe explanation.knowledge isIncludes relevantcompetent.examples andapplicable insight.Demonstratescomprehensivesubject knowledgeandunderstanding. Thesis and/orThesis and/ormain claim are main claim are and Purpose 20.0%Organization andEffectiveness8.0 %ArgumentLogic andConstruction 20.0%Organization andEffectiveness5.0 %Mechanics ofWriting(includesspelling,punctuation,grammar,language use) overall purpose insufficientlyapparent andor organizing developed and/or appropriate toclaim.vague; purpose not clear. clear andforecast thedevelopment ofthe paper. It isdescriptive andreflective of thearguments andappropriate tothe purpose. Statement of SufficientArgument isArgumentpurpose is not justification oforderly, but may shows logicaljustified by the claims is lacking. have a fewprogressions.conclusion. The Argument lacks inconsistencies. Techniques ofconclusionconsistent unity. The argumentargumentationdoes notThere arepresentsare theobvious flaws in minimalThere is aclaim made.the logic. Some justification of smoothArgument issources haveclaims.progression ofincoherent and questionableArgumentclaims fromusescredibility.logically, but not introduction tononcrediblethoroughly,conclusion.sources.supports theMost sourcespurpose.areSources usedauthoritative.are credible.Introduction andconclusionbracket thethesis. Surface errors Frequent andare pervasive repetitiveenough thatmechanicalthey impedeerrors distractcommunication the reader.of meaning.InconsistenciesInappropriate in languageword choicechoice (register)and/orand/or wordsentencechoice areconstructionpresent.are used.Sentencestructure iscorrect but notvaried. Somemechanicalerrors or typosare present, butare not overlydistracting tothe reader.Correct andvaried sentencestructure andaudienceappropriatelanguage areemployed. comprehensive.The essence of thepaper is containedwithin the thesis.Thesis statementmakes the purposeof the paper clear. Clear andconvincingargument thatpresents apersuasive claimin a distinctive andcompellingmanner. Allsources areauthoritative. Prose is largely Writer is clearly infree ofcommand ofmechanicalstandard, written,errors, although academic English.a few may bepresent. Thewriter uses avariety ofeffectivesentencestructures andfigures ofspeech. 10.0 %FormatTemplate is not AppropriateAppropriateAppropriateAll format5.0 % Papertemplate is used, template is used. template is fully elements areFormat (use of usedappropriately but someFormatting isused. There are correct.appropriateelements arecorrect,virtually nostyle for the ordocumentation missing oralthough some errors inmajor andformattingassignment) format is rarely mistaken. A lack minor errorsfollowedof control with may be present. style.correctlyformatting is apparent.Sources are notDocumentation Sources are5.0 %documented, asDocumentatio documented. of sources isinconsistentappropriate ton of Sourcesand/or incorrect, assignment and(citations,as appropriate to style, althoughfootnotes,assignment and some formattingreferences,style, witherrors may bebibliography,numerouspresent.etc., asformattingappropriate toerrors.assignmentand style)100 % TotalWeightage Sources areSources aredocumented, as completely andappropriate to correctlyassignment and documented, asstyle, andappropriate toformat is mostly assignment, and formatis free of error.

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