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What are your academic and professional goals, and how can the ideas of Grit and growth mindset help you achieve them? If you are unsure about your future professional goals, it may be helpful to review sites such as O*NET Online and the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Review your Week 3 Learning Activities.

Choose one of the following formats to complete this assignment:

  • A 200- to 350-word personal essay in a Microsoft® Word document
  • A 1- to 2 1/2-minute video using recording tools with which you are familiar

Complete the following:

  • Write one SMART academic goal.
  • Write one SMART professional goal.
  • Explain how you can apply the ideas of Grit and growth mindset to achieve your goals. Include discussion of your ACES Self-Assessment Inventory score on the Motivation/Decision Making/Personal Responsibility scale. How can you apply the ideas of Grit and growth mindset to improve or strengthen this score? Discuss how to apply these in the context of academic, professional, and personal life. Consider past projects at work, at school, or for your community, and recall your approach. Additionally, how might your mindset regarding attribution contribute to your successes and failures?


Overcoming Obstacles:Time and Stress Management

Time Management

Reviewthe section on time management in the Goal Setting and Time Management Tutorial, and Connections, Ch. 5

Review your ACES score for Organization and Time Management, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Respond to the following bulleted items in a brief 100- to 200-word paragraph:

·         Considering your ACES score for Organization and Time Management, what can you apply from this tutorial and your Ch. 5 reading to develop this skill set?

·         What is the importance of time management in any (online or face-to-face) learning environment?

·         What additional benefits will successful time management produce in your life?

Managing Stress

College can be a stressful experience, and the reasons are varied (Shields, 2001). Some students experience stress related to their ability to learn in an online environment. Older students who are returning to college after an extended absence may question their ability to perform at the college level and compete with more traditional students (Shields, 2001). Young students may experience stress as they transition from high school to a college environment (Shields, 2001). Almost all students are juggling school with a variety of other life demands, such as work, family-related responsibilities, or health concerns.

Write a 75- to 100-word summary addressing how we can avoid the pitfalls of stress and ensure academic success.

Include the discussion of the following in your summary:

·         The sources of stress in your life

·         Positive coping strategies to manage your stress level

·         A plan to help manage stress and promote academic success