Due today……Communication class work……VERY EASY…must be done in 8 hours…..

Due today…..must be done in 8 hrs…….VERY EASY WORK…..YOU CAN DO 3/4 of it too…….

MUST be done in 8 hours!!!!! DO the following:  In 8 hours I need this done….You can do 3/4 of it but looking for it to be complete if possible.  NO COVER PAGE OR REFERENCES NEEDED!!!!

For this assignment we are going to go to a Web page


and utilize the assignment there. We will follow their assignment but limit how we do so as follows.

Read the introduction and instructions on the page.   Read “What is Project-Based Learning?”    “The Task”    “The Process”

The only links you need to click on where it says: Step 1 — Download a copy of the Grades K-5 or Grades 6-12 (appropriate to your grade level) worksheet.  The copy you save should be editable so you can fill out the form per the following instructions.  You only need one form.

  • Choose “Grades K-5” for this assignment   You will be submitting this form as an upload/attachment. (Part 1)  Save to your desktop or somewhere where you can easily find the form.   You will be evaluating two projects using the form, uploading the completed form, and then answering some questions in the assignment submission box.

Read through each learning style.

Pick the one that you believe is most like YOU.

Step 3 — From the Grade K-5 examples, you will examine the following TWO:

  • Down the Drain
  • Math Hunt           So DO click on each project individually and READ it.  Then  you will DO the following to turn in: (Parts 1, 2, and 3)  
  • (Part 1) Use the editable PDF form for grades K-5 for each of the two projects to answer the two questions about what elements are worth doing and what elements would be difficult; also include your chosen learning style and note how your chosen learning style is (or isn’t) addressed by that particular project, and save it to submit to the assignment.  (Note:  You are only completing it for the two assigned projects.  You can put your learning style observations in another row for one of the projects we are NOT evaluating just to use that space on the form efficiently.)
  • (Part 2a Down the Drain and b Math Hunt)  

In a new word processing document, for this assignment in Canvas, for each (individually) of the two lessons above (Down the Drain and Math Hunt), answer the following questions: (short answers).  Just copy and paste the questions in and then answer them.  That is the easiest way.  But PLEASE Bold the questions or your answers so the questions stand out from your answers.

  1. Can the students work in groups on this project? (Briefly describe)
  2. Will students be solving a challenging problem? (What problem here?)
  3. Is the problem authentic?  (Why or why not?)
  4. Is the problem curriculum based?  (If you know or can tell – you may not know and that is a fair answer)
  5. Does the project use inquiry-based learning?  Why do you think it does or doesn’t?
  6. Will students engage with meaningful tasks?  (Give at least one example if your answer is yes.)
  7. Does this project address different learning styles?  How?
  8. Give some examples of a learning style and how it is addressed by this project.  (Does it address different learning  styles in the actual doing of  the project?) 
  9. Does it address different learning styles in the assessment (the way the students will prove they have  accomplished / learned something?)  How?
  10. Does this project demonstrate collaboration?  How?
  11. Does this project demonstrate investigation?  How?
  12. Does this project demonstrate research?  How?
  13. How will students prove their understanding when they have completed this project?
  14. How was technology used in this project?
  • (Part 3)  (On the same document) Lastly, please answer the following questions:  1)  What if anything did you notice or learn about project-based learning from doing this assignment?  2)  Did this help you get a better idea of what project-based learning is?   3)  Explain.