Culture and Food: The Seven Fishes

Write a word paper not less than 650 words on the topic of food memories. All rules of grammar apply and citations are required in MLA, format. The assignment will be graded based on the quality and use of sociological constructs along with your personal examples.For this paper I need to write about a food that has special meaning. The food that I want you to get involved with is the seven fishes. I want to you to talk about it and give details on how it relates to Sociology. Some of the questions that are going to be asked are listed below.

 How did you come to try this food?Family, accident, or whatever  Is it positive, negative, or in-between?Is it homemade or commercial? Is it a food associated with an ethnic group, region, age, gender, religion, or class? Does eating this make you a part of a group? Or does it make you different?