Corrections on T Test SPSS output/paper

I need help figuring out why my SPSS output is incorrect. I am looking for someone to do the corrections necessary.

Below is an outline of the corrections needed. You will need SPSS software for this home work. 

1.“Something is wrong with the output tables. The sample size should be 105. The case processing table shows that only 88 of the students were included in the analysis. Please go back and see what might have happened. Also, the t-test table is off. It seems that the information is in the wrong columns. The degrees of freedom (df) column should be 86, but that number is under the significance column. ”

2.Interprets the output of the independent samples t-test.

Faculty Comments: the numbers in the table are not correct. The degrees of freedom should be N-2 for a t-test. So the degrees of freedom should be 103, not 86. ”

3.Analyzes the assumptions of the independent samples t-test.

Faculty Comments: the information in the tables is incorrect. ”

4.Develops a conclusion that includes strengths and limitations of an independent samples t-test.

Faculty Comments:“Make sure to recap the results and state whether or not the null should be accepted or rejected