Unit 4 Discussion: Informative Speech Review & Criticism

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In order to help you prepare for your informative speech this week, we’re going to review other recorded speeches. These can be valuable learning tools concerning what to do and what not to do for your own informative presentation.

Look for a recorded speech on YouTube. Try to look for a presentation on a topic related to your field.

Post the link to the speech and respond to each the following in complete sentences with supporting information:

  • Is the speech informative or persuasive?
  • Explain why the speech is either informative or persuasive.
  • What’s the main difference between an informative and persuasive speech?
  • What three pieces of advice would you offer the speaker?

After you have posted your own response, make sure you go back through the discussion and read the responses of your peers. The idea with these discussion boards is to create a space where we are engaging in an actual conversation. Make sure you respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts and take full advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. Your responses to your peer’s posts should be detailed, thoughtful & substantial.

For more information about discussion grading criteria, visit the Undergraduate Discussion Participation Policies and Rubric page located in ECPI Resources.