Can someone help with the following. please and thank you.1.Washing soil during

Can someone help with the following. please and thank you.

1.Washing soil during

archaeological excavationsa.creates a stream of sediments.b.helps in the recovery of minute not recommended.d.helps outline the site.2.Rodents bring soil from the surface down into a sitea.Such rodent marks should be left and screened separately.b.Rodent marks are useful for stratigraphy.c.Rodent marks should be excavated with the entire site.d.Rodent marks have no effect on excavation.3.The purpose of the site grid isa.Recording objectsb.Excavating objectsc.Researching objectsd.Pinpointing the location of objects.4.Units should be _____________ according to the Pythagorean Principle.a.rectanglesb.circlesc.squaresd.lines

5.The purpose of the site plan is provide base map for units to be present a time frame for limit prevent damages.6.The central concept in stratigraphy is thata.deposits are formed in circles.b.lower deposits are younger.c.higher deposits are older.d.deposits are formed in horizontal layers.7.A characteristic feature of the subsoil is rarely contains is best for decay of fossils occurs in it.d.archaeological excavations should proceed once it is reached.8.The following can be dated with historic accuracy.a.woodb.goldc.coins & ceramicsd.iron

9.What is a small brush for?a.Paintingb.Vertical plottingc.Scaling photosd.Clean away dust10. The determination of the age of an archaeological site in numbers of years is known as:a.The absolute methodb.The relative methodc.The paleomagnetic methodd.The Bruhnes normal

11.The earliest projectile point from North America as exemplified from Montana are known as:a.Clovisb.Goshenc.Oldowand.Mousterian

12.There were discovered 40 specimen of ________________ in a Paleoindian site in Montana.a.Mammothb.Apesc.Extinct bisond.Buffalo13.What must the actions you do to the artefact be?a.Gluedb.Dirtyc.Smellyd.Reversible14.What type of survey is used to see what is under the soil?a.Aerial photosb.Geobiologicalc.Pick axed.Geophysical15. What are the marks called where the plants get different amounts of water?a.Stainsb.Skid-marksc.Crop-marksd.Pencil-marks16.What material in organic remains is used to date the artefact?a.Chalkb.Gasc.Carbond.Marrow17.Which one of this is an archaeological site in Mexico?a.Zapotecb.Montezumac.Teotehuacand.Maya18.What is the name given to the place where something is found and how it related to other things?a.Topsoilb.Conservationc.Drawingd.Context19An archaeological recording system must be ________________.a.kept up to date and complete as possible. b.clear and legible enough that anyone can understand them. c.permanent. d.All the above.20.The clash of cultures in the early sixteenth century between Native Americans and the conquistadors was accompanied by a.the almost total destruction of written native histories b.the deaths of oral historians as a result of introduced diseasesc.loss of answers to questions as to the origins and growth of the native American civilizations.d.All the above.

21.The currently employed chronology of the “Classic Period” in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica is the falls under the following.

a.250-900b.2000-900 BCEc.900-400 BCEd.400 BCE-200 CE

22.Hiram Bingham discovered of the ruins of _______________ in 1911.a.Machu Picchub.The Egyptian pyramidsc.Cuzco’s Temple of the Sund.Tiwanaku’s Gateway

23.One of the following is true about Otzi the Iceman. a.He was as discovered in Greeceb. He was the earliest European to have survived as an individualc. He has no evidence of clothingd. Shows no evidence of cause of death

24.The ancient law giver Hammurabi was a king who reigned in what is nowa.Egyptb.Syriac.Iraqd.Iran

25.The categories of reconnaissance methods for archaeology include:a.Aerial surveyb.Surface surveyc.Sub-surface testsd.All the above

1.Washing soil during archaeological excavationsa. creates a stream of sediments.b. helps in the recovery of minute not recommended.d. helps outline the site.2.Rodents bring…