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This assignment is due on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 1800.  Please read and follow the instructions carefully.  Make sure there is an introduction and conclusion for this assignment, APA format written in Times New Roman and 12 Point Font Size, (2-3 pages, 350 words per page, total word count between 700 to 1,050 words).  All references need to be within 5 years. (Do not use any references older than 2012 and do not use any International references).  A minimum of 3 references need to be used.  This is part one of a continuous assignment that will be structured to build upon future assignments.  If this assignment is not completed on time, directions are not followed or if there are any signs of plagiarism, I WILL REQUEST A REFUND.

Written AssignmentThe focus on the first part of this assignment is to select a new innovative technology or application concept (something new and not currently on the market) for a specific technology or application that will be developed and ultimately marketed. The new technology or application concept selected for this assignment will be used as the focus for future written assignments.  Address the topics below:

  • Describe the ideation process (e.g. generating, filtering and validating ideas) to come up with a new specific technology or application

  • Alternative solutions or concepts considered through the process

  • Overview of the technology or application concept selected