Can someone do this assignment correctly

This assignment is due on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 1800.  Please read and follow the instructions carefully.  Include a minimum of 3 references in APA format.All references need to be within 5 years (Do not use any references older than 2012 and do not use any International references).  Answer the discussion below with a response of 275 words or more.  If directions are not followed, I WILL REQUEST A REFUND.


There are two common strategies that are used when developing and introducing a technology or application in the marketplace (market differentiation and segmentation).  Differentiation of a technology or application can be achieved by incorporating new functional features that are unique compared to its competitors. In contrast, market segmentation is tailoring a technology or application to a particular customer base that have a similar set of needs in order to outperform the competition.  Use the Web to search for a technology or application in each of these categories: market differentiation and segmentation. Describe each technology or application in detail and explain how it is either unique (differentiation) or tailored to a specific group of customers (segmentation).