Can anyone do this assignment

This assignment is due on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 1800.  Please read and follow the instructions carefully.  If this assignment is not completed on time, directions are not followed or if there are any signs of plagiarism, I WILL REQUEST A REFUND.

Essay QuestionsEach question below will be answered in two or three paragraphs (words for each paragraph) in APA format, Times New Roman, and 12 Point Font Size.  Definitions will not be copied directly from any website; they will be put in your own words. The paper should be between 2- 3 pages excluding title and reference pages.

  • Describe the role of a technical work stream lead along with the required and desired skills to be successful in this position. As part of your description include an example of an actual position.

  • Define in detail the terms science and technology. How are these terms different, similar and what is the connection between them?

  • Define in detail the terms invention and innovation. Are there any differences, similarities and connection between them? Why? As part of your description include an example of each type.

  • Describe the objective and components of a technology roadmap. As part of your description develop an example of a three to five year roadmap for a specific technology or application.