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The idea that transactions in a market place work like an invisible hand is to some extent the idea that when a person chooses to buy an item at a given price they are happy with the deal. There is no coercion. If the person really does not like the deal they simply walk away. […]

benchmark assignment career exploration short research paper

Research two or three career paths of interest in your prospective field. In 750-1,000 words, include the following: Labor market and availability (e.g., location) Income range Education/training needed Job availability Future stability Time Demands Benefits Challenges (e.g., burnout propensity) Opportunities for advancement Does it match your skill level? Does it align with your personality? Value […]

i need help with this complete assignment 1

In this assignment, we will be evaluating web-based project management tools that are primarily designed to help manage team interaction and project reporting. In a later assignment, we will be evaluating other tools that are more specifically designed to create schedules and reports. Choose one of the services listed below and write a short review […]


Selected company:#28 Target NOTES In Column 1 (External Factors), list the 8 to 10 most important opportunities and threats facing the company. In Column 2 (Weight), assign a weight to each factor from 1.0 (Most Important) to 0.0 (Not Important) based on that factor’s probable impact on a particular company’s current strategic position. The higher […]


i all ready went to Costco and i wrote some notes maybe will helps u to write the essay. 1-beside the entrance there is food court they sell very cheap pizza 18 inches for 10 dls they have combo and cheese and pepperoni also they have very cheap hot dog cost 1.50 dls with drink […]


I. Take your home page and do the following. If you used a pre-made template with navigation, you will need to modify it. 1. Implement a navigation bar with links to at least five pages: home page, three additional pages, and a feedback/contact page. Plan what you will call each of the pages as you […]


******** please respond to the discussion question below add citations and references 🙂 ******* Evaluate and provide examples of how hypothesis testing and confidence intervals are used together in health care research. Provide a workplace example that illustrates your ideas.

this week s discussion and faith integration 2

This week’s Discussion and Faith Integration: Read Titus 1:5-16. Discuss the inherent differences between leadership in the workplace and leadership in the church setting. Assuming a Christian worldview, how do other priorities such as family, community service, and friends impact the leader on a personal as well as a professional and spiritual level? So how […]