A.Family therapyB.Token economy systemC.Free

A.    Family therapy

B.    Token economy system

C.     Free


D.    Client-centered therapy

E.     Aversive conditioning

F.     Biomedical therapy

G.    Cognitive-behavioral therapy

H.    Psychoanalysis

I.      Systematic desensitization

J.      Play therapy

1.     Deidre is trying to quit smoking, so every time she lights up a cigarette, she inhales from a bottle her therapist gave her. The liquid inside smells horrendous, and Deidre is starting to associate the disgusting smell of the liquid with the smoking of the cigarette. This association is causing her to not want to smoke quite as badly as before. ___

2.     Wade is terrified of snakes, so his therapist helps him conquer his fear by entering a relaxed state of mind and then progressively imagining more anxiety-causing scenarios involving snakes. They continue this pattern until Wade can encounter a snake without fear. ___

3.     Dr. Granger lets his client Angela discuss whatever Angela feels is important during their sessions. Dr. Granger offers unconditional positive regard, engages in active listening, and empathizes as Angela explores her feelings and moves toward personal growth. ___

4.     Ingrid earns a gold coin from her counselor every time she actively goes to her college classes rather than staying in bed. She is able to trade in these gold coins for different “prizes” at the end of the college semester. ___

5.     Bruce brings his wife and their three kids to meet with Dr. Banner, since they have recently had difficulty communicating without yelling or slamming doors. Dr. Banner will help them learn how to communicate effectively with each other as they find productive ways of controlling their anger. ___

6.     When Georgia was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, she was given a prescription for 100 mg of Sertraline by her psychiatrist. ___

7.     Keira goes to see her therapist once a week, where they go through a board game and take turn answering questions about their lives. ___

8.     Lane has been meeting with his therapist for three years now, and they spend most of their time together discussing Lane’s childhood and his current dreams. ___

9.     Asmaa’s therapist showed her a simple picture of different vague shapes. Asmaa was then told to say the first word that came to her mind after looking at the picture. She was told to talk about any memories that came to mind, as well. ___

10.  Shane’s therapist is helping him learn how to change his negative thought patterns about his college career, which is helping him perform better overall in his classes this semester. ___