4 Assignments and 11 Discussions and Reply to 3 people for 11 weeks

How much will someone charge to do a 12 week class? You have to do a weekly discussion every Wednesday and reply to 3 people every week. Also 4 assignments are due every three weeks. The First Discussion is copied below: I can paste the new one weekly. With the classmates discussion that needs a response.


  • Gain an understanding of what constitutes the foundation of good writing.
  • Understand the seven fundamental errors in writing.
  • Review strategies for writing for a physician (or other clinician) audience.
  • Review how to plan, organize and write a journal article.


  • Read Chapter 2 (Basic Writing Skills) in the Taylor Textbook
  • Read “AMEE Guide 17: Writing for Journal Publication.
  • Read Strategies for Writing for a Physician Audience.
  • View “Choosing the Right Title”.
  • View ” 7 Fundamental Errors”.
  • For Fun check out http://www.quizfreak.com/can-you-answer-these-12-common-grammar-mistake-questions/index1.html
  • Also check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc#t=69


Respond to the following questions by posting at least 200 words on the discussion page no later than Wednesday by Midnight, April 12. 2017.

  1. Complete and post on the discussion board Exercise 1.
    1. Exercise 1: Complete the following sentences (Modified from Furman & Kinn, Practical Tips for Publishing Scholarly Articles: Writing and Publishing in the Helping Professions, 2012:
      1. When I think of writing for medical publication, I feel……
      2. Papers of publishable quality must be…..
      3. What stops me most from writing is…..
      4. What I want to share with my professional community is……
      5. What I most want to share about my work is….
      6. The story I most need to tell is…..
      7. My strength as a writer and publishing author are…..
      8. My limitations as a writer and publishing author are…..
  2. “Cut & Paste” your draft assignment #1 (minus the cover page) to the discussion forum this week (or even earlier) to get your classmates feedback before you post the official assignment next week- just cut and paste to discussion site and request your classmates to comment.
  3. Describe your feelings/comments about this week’s readings and presentations and describe at least one item that you learned or relearned.

Also, respond to at least three other posting by a fellow classmate no later than Sunday by Midnight, April 16, 2017.

  1. Review two of your classmate’s proposal for their paper and give constructive feedback. (Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations-everyone would appreciate your honest opinion)