1) The United States Electoral College electors are???

1) The United States Electoral College electors are???

Elected members of Congress

Loyal members of the political parties selected to serve as electors

Not people

Elected members of their respective state legislatures

2) The interest group system in the United States has created a political phenomenon known as an iron triangle. Which of the following is NOT part of this 3-way alliance?

A leader in the business community in a specific industry

A congressman/woman or senator on the committee or subcommittee in the specific industry

A lobbyist working in the specific industry

A member of a government agency in the specific industry

3) The fact that the public is inattentive to politics and must frequently rely on informational shortcuts has which of the following effects? 

It strengthens democracy by providing politicians with more freedom to act on a wider variety of issues.

It strengthens democracy by increasing the number of people who participate in politics in politics

It weakens democracy by making it easier for various institutions and political actors to manipulate the political process

It weakens democracy by making every citizen equally empowered to produce outcomes that are consistent with their interests on every issue 

4) Plurality rule is a method for determining an election’s winner in which:

The candidate who receives the most votes wins, regardless of whether he or she wins a majority

Parties are allocated seats in the legislature in proportion to the shares of votes they received

The two candidates with the most votes face each other in a second election, unless someone wins a majority of votes in the first election

Voters may rank-order candidates based on their preferences, and votes are automatically reallocated as last-place candidates are eliminated one by one

5) Which of the following pairs of surveys is mostly likely to yield different results due to question wording? 

Two polls on defense spending, one taken by Gallup and the other by Pew

Two polls about health care, one taken right after the president held a health policy summit

Two polls asking whether the public approved of the president, taken a year apart

Two polls about immigration policy, one using the term “undocumented immigrants” and the other using the term “illegal aliens”

6) How can interest groups use litigation as a strategy of influence?

Filing amicus curiae briefs, financing lawsuits, and bringing a suit on behalf of the group

Directly lobbying judges, using direct-mail solicitations, and making campaign contributions to members of Congress

Engaging in institutional advertising, activating issue networks, and directly lobbying judges

Breaking apart iron triangles, directly lobbying judges, and starting political action committees

7)Which of the following statement is FALSE?

Most voters in America use paper ballots

The butterfly ballot caused some people to vote for candidates that they did not support in 2000.

Some of the electoral devices that are used in the United States are prone to error.

The hole a chad creates on paper ballots indicate who the voter indtended to vote for 

8) The number of Electoral College votes a state has is determined by???

How many members of the House the state has plus 2

How many members of the Senate the state has plus 2

How many judicial districts the state has

How many people the state has divided by the number of congressional districts 

9)Our election system uses a plurality, not a majority to determine who wins an election.