1.The consensus perspective is most applicable to ______________

1.The consensus perspective is most applicable to ______________






2.There has been considerable debate over the legalization of marijuana. In a number of states, voters have decided to modify the law to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. This is an example of the _________ perspective.





3.Which of the following is true of advocates of the social problems perspective on crime and criminality?

-They lay the cause of crime squarely at the feet of individual perpetrators.

-They suggest highly personalized crime-reduction strategies based on firm punishments and a wider use of police powers.

-They believe crime must be addressed in the same way as public health concerns.

-They believe people choose crime because it is exciting, offers illicit pleasures, and offers the companionship of other thrill-seekers.

4.Most contemporary criminologists primarily employ a(n) ________ perspective.