1. How would you define culture?

1. How would you define culture? List as many things as you can that you feel describe a country’s culture. This can include everything from food to music to politics. (This is just a list — not an essay.)2. The two points of immigration into the US in the 1800’s and early 1900’s were Ellis Island on the East Coast, and Angel Island on the West Coast. Do some research on the web, list the sites that you have found, and give a short description of each, highlighting the major differences between them.3. What do you think of the US attitude to immigration (Most support legal immigration but oppose illegal immigration and naturalization of current illegal immigrants in the U.S.)? Please use your own ethnic background and place of origin as a reference point, so we can learn something about each other( I AM FROM SOMALIA)4. What qualities should a true hero have? Who are some of your personal heroes? Why do you admire and respect them?5. Which is more important to you: A job that is interesting or a job that pays well? What is your definition of “the good life?”6. Go to the link on Jack Welch’s lessons in leadership listed above, and pick one of his points. Tell us what it is, how it relates to any of the American values we have studied thus far, and whether you have any experience with this leadership advice from your own life. PLEASE do not all pick the same point — this would make for a very boringhttp://1000ventures.com/business_guide/mgmt_new-model_25lessons-welch.html